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Slavinskaya Lilia Art :: Biography

Why am I eager for the Edge of World?

Slavinskaya Liliya
In the past, the thirst for knowledge of new lands led me first through Central Asia. On the mountains of the Tien Shan, along its rivers, towns and deserts. The Himalayas, Tibetan religion and culture, seen over the past four years, have become a real discovery. Cultural shock experienced from Europe. Everything was interesting. So it was in the Alps, the Pyrenees, in Sardinia. Everywhere recorded her impression of work on the nature in the drawing or watercolor. Since my childhood, I dreamed of becoming an oceanologist. They say that thoughts attract events to your life. It so happened that it became possible to work for seven months in the North Seas, the Atlantic and Southern Oceans, the Falkland Islands and the South Georgia Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula from October 2002 to May 2003 on the Akademik Ioffe ship. Self-confidence was born in a collision with the elements and the animal world. Sometimes in seconds, in different weather conditions, often on the run, you had to sketch and photograph icebergs, penguins, whales. The nature of the researcher led to the study in drawing and painting of the nature of ice, icebergs, natural relief, animal habits. The study of color is the peak of the knowledge of hard-to-reach places on Earth. Therefore, the dream of the Arctic "unknown, tempting and tender as a bride" - from the words of the polar explorer Victor, originated in the plans for life and was realized in 2014. White, Barents Sea and New Earth. The Arctic Ocean, the archipelago of Franz Josef Land and three months of work on the island of Alexandra as an artist and as a photographer will remain a bright torch of my life

From July 4 to October 12, 2014 "Rosgeology" was invited as a photographer to photograph the harvesting of the Arctic, on the island of Alexandra Archipelago of the Earth Franz Joseph. . 36 works have been created in painting and pastels, a photo report "Cleaning from garbage after economic activity on Franz Josef Land. The Island of Alexandra. "

2014-2015 - Exhibitions "Dream of the Arctic".

The Museum Association "Artistic Development of the Russian North" exhibited a collection of paintings from 36 paintings in Arkhangelsk, in the AA Museum. Borisov, then in the House-Estate of Alexander Borisov in Krasnogorsk, Arkhangelsk region. After the exhibition, 23 paintings were donated to the museum. 2016 - The International Confederation of Unions of Artists exhibited pictures of the Arctic and Antarctic and photographs of Tibet as a special project "Eternity" for "Salon 2016". in Moscow in the Central House of Artists.

In Switzerland, in Geneva, in the gallery "L'ART en L'AIR" the project "Arctic-Antarctic" was presented from November 2015 to January 2016. In 2015, the project Slavina Lilia Petrovna "Dream of the Arctic" was highly appreciated. The decision of the All-Russian Committee of Military and Labor Awards Slavinskaya LP awarded the AA medal. Pokryshkin for active participation in patriotic education of youth.

2016 September 14

Lilia hands over to St. Petersburg University a collection of 12 paintings and 10 photographs of the "Arctic" as a gift at the International Forum dedicated to the development of the Arctic. On the days of the Forum, an exhibition of her pictures and photographs of the Arctic was exhibited.

February 8, 2017

The Arctic Hall has been opened for meetings and international forums on the Arctic

St. Petersburg University with an exposition of paintings and large photos.

The UN Palace of Nations in Geneva, with the support of the Russian Consulate in 2018 (January-February), is scheduled to display 25 pictures and photographs of the Arctic, in the Cinematheque of Lausanne, conferences and films about the Arctic and the Antarctic will be held, will speak at the conference our honorary consul, Mr. Paulsen.