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Slavinskaya Lilia Art :: Biography


Slavinskaya Liliya
Artist-gallery owner Lilia Petrovna Slavinskaya was born in Samara in 1950. Since 1990 he lives and works in Moscow, where in 1995, together with the owner of the gallery "LES OREADES-PARIS" (France) Edmond Rosenfeld created the Moscow gallery "LES OREADES-OREADA", whose director is up to the present.
Initially, the gallery worked in the halls of the Union of Artists of the USSR on Tverskaya, 25. Then its exhibition halls were the Hotel "Marco Polo Presnya" and the Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft.

In 2000, Lilia Slavinskaya created in the city of Tutaev Yaroslavl region for artists, creative intelligentsia and just a family vacation for the townspeople. The House of Art "Romanov on the Volga".

The main goal of her 40-year work in the field of art Lilia Petrovna considers revealing talents and promoting new names through exhibitions in Russia and abroad, through international fairs, gallery and museum spaces.

Lilia Slavinskaya does not limit her mission to creativity alone. She conducts wide charitable activities. As a rule, after the next expedition followed by a series of exhibitions, the artist leaves some of her works to the organizers.

From October 2002 to April 2003, Lilia Slavinskaya took part in the 11th voyage of the R / V "Akademik Joffe" to Antarctica. Later, in 2014, the pictures she created during her trip to the shores of Antarctica and then to the Arctic were exhibited repeatedly in Russian museums and exhibition halls in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, and also abroad - at the Miral Museum (Seoul, South Korea), Austria, Switzerland and Portugal.

After the completion of exhibitions in the Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean and the Moscow Institute of Oceanology. P.P. Shirshova Lilia Slavinskaya made reports in the Russian Geographical Society (Moscow). Her unique scientific work entitled "Animal World and the Antarctic Landscape" was recognized.

Another act of charity Lilia Slavinskaya - after eight months of exhibiting her collection "The Breath of Antarctica" in May 2005, 6 paintings were donated to the fund of the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic (St. Petersburg).

To my great regret, on July 6, 2006 in the city of Domodedovo, in the fire, the artist's workshop burned with 150 pictures and drawings created by her in the Antarctic.

In 2014 (July-October) Lilia Slavinskaya (already as a photographer) was invited by the Ministry of Nature and "Rosgeology" to take photos of "Harvesting the Arctic", which took place on the island of Alexandra Archipelago Franz Josef Land. During the expedition Liliya Petrovna in the photos created a panoramic reproduction of the unique color of the landscape of the Arctic. In addition to photo-reports on activities on the island of Alexandra, the artist wrote 36 picturesque and graphic works.

Invaluable support in the implementation of the project was provided to it by the firm "Arctic Consulting" in the person of Sergey Gavrilovich Kamyshanov.

In 2014-2015 the Museum Association "Artistic Development of the Russian North" exhibited a collection of 36 of her paintings titled "Dream of the Arctic" in the museum of A.A.Borisov (Arkhangelsk). The catalog of the exhibition received the same name.

After a five-month show of works, Lilia Slavinskaya handed over 23 paintings from her collection as a gift to the AA House Museum. Borisova (Krasnogorsk, Arkhangelsk region).

In December 2014, in the 5th hall of the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val (Moscow), the gallery "LES OREADES-OREADY" presented Lilia Slavinskaya's solo exhibition "The Dream of the Arctic", consisting of 36 works.

In 2015 the project "Dream of the Arctic" is highly appreciated by the official circles. So, by decision of the All-Russian Committee of Military and Labor Awards, L.P. Slavinskaya for the active participation in the patriotic education of youth was awarded the medal A.I. Pokryshkina. The decision was signed by Army General MA. Moiseev, and handed it to the artist December 22, 2015 in the building on Tverskaya Street, 7 General Director of the Union of Russian Industry - MA. Vinogradov.

Creative search, travel geography Lilies Petrovna are wide, and are not limited to poles. For a long time (6 years), the artist worked the Himalayas.

In April 2016, the International Confederation of Art Unions exhibited her paintings and photographs of the Arctic, Antarctic and Tibet at the Moscow Salon-2016 in the Central House of Artist as a special project called Eternity. And from November 2015 to January 2016, her project "Arctic-Antarctic" was presented in Geneva (Switzerland) in the gallery "L'ART en L'ART"

In September 2016 an International Forum dedicated to the development of the Arctic was held in St. Petersburg. The exhibition of paintings by L.P. Slavinskaya and her photographs, dedicated to this topic. During the Forum, on September 14, 2016, the artist donates a collection of 12 of her paintings and 10 photos of the "Arctic" to the University of St. Petersburg.

April 27, 2017 Lilia Slavinskaya again transmits, to the St. Petersburg Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, 36 paintings of Antarctica created by her in 2002-2003, The purpose of the program is to hold an exhibition with the subsequent gift for free use.

On September 12, 2017, the "Arctic Hall" opened in St. Petersburg State University. Since its opening, scientific conferences and international forums on the Arctic have been held there. He is also adorned with a permanent exposition of paintings and large photos created by Lilia Petrovna in 2014 during the expedition to Franz Josef Land.

November 2017 - May 2018 marks for Lilia Slavinskaya an invitation to work in the 63rd Russian Antarctic Expedition to the station "Progress".

The harsh conditions of stay did not stop, but, rather, helped the artist create both numerous landscapes with oil on canvas, and large canvases. Her graphic sheets depict the landscape and animals, life on the Russian and Chinese stations "Zaushan", "Bharati" and Australian "Lowe".

From October 2017 until the middle of March 2018 Liliya Petrovna is already on board the ship "Akademik Fedorov." In the Atlantic Ocean, she creates paintings and drawings while sailing from St. Petersburg to the Antarctic, off the coast of Africa and back to Cape Town.

December 28, 2017 Lilia Slavinskaya arrives at the Antarctic station "Progress", where she donates 50 paintings of contemporary Russian artists. During her stay at the "Progress" the artist decorates the interiors of the station with the originals, writes a large (3x4 m) wall panel "Summer" for the recreational area of ​​the polar explorers. Some of the paintings were created specifically for her gifts for the laboratory of Progress and for international Antarctic stations.

From October 2018 to January 2019, after the exhibition "Antarctica-63 RAE", Liliya Petrovna plans to decorate the interior of the St. Petersburg Institute of the Arctic and Antarctica with two large canvases.

From July 2 to October 2018 in the Institute of Oceanology. P.Shirshov (Moscow) should be exhibited 14 paintings by Lilia Slavinskaya, as well as her large photographs of the Arctic and Antarctic. The exposition entitled "The Breath of the Earth: Two Poles - The Arctic and Antarctic" will include the artist's works for 2002-2003, 2014 and for 2017-2018.

From September 15 to 30, 2018, an exhibition of 35 paintings by Lilia Slavinskaya "Polus Severny and Pole Yuzhny" will take place at the Rümin Palace (Lausanne, Switzerland).

A whole complex of events will be held with the support of the Russian Consulate General and the Association "From Baikal to Lehman". The Consul General of Russia in Switzerland, Mr. F. Paulsen, Mr. M. de Marlieb, the pilot of the Mir-1 submarine, will speak at the conference. Sagalevich. There, M. Sarukhanyan and L.Slavinskaya will perform a screening of the film "Ballade en Antarctique" - "Antarctic ballad", created by A. Shmatov during their joint stay on board the ship "Akademik Yoffe" in 2002-2003.

Lilia Petrovna Slavinskaya's paintings are unique works of art, as the "living canvases" were created by the artist herself in the harsh conditions of the Russian Arctic or Antarctic, during her creative trips to the Himalayas or to other countries of the world.